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Rochester Products Engineering Master Quadra-Jet Carbs

Rochester Products Engineering Master Quadra-Jet Carburetors. These museum quality carburetors are the standard by which the production units were made and calibrated to.Often,these master/sample carburetors have very early production dates and each are tagged and identified by Rochester Engineering. The selection of these prototypes range from Big Block Corvettes to Ram Air and Super Duty Pontiacs. There are Stage I Buicks and W30 Oldsmobile.Please contact us for specific part numbers and price.

Corvette,Camaro and Firebird Fuel Injection

Corvette,Camaro and Firebird Throttle Body Fuel Injection Units and parts. These are 1982 through 1984. Most units have less than two years of use on them.

Racing/High Performance Carburetors

Racing/ High Performance Carburetors: Used carburetors such as: Holley Double Pumpers and Holley Two Barrels like Holley #4412. We stock Rochester Big Bore Two Barrels and 800/850 CFM Quadra-Jet carburetors.

Other Products:

Corvette,Chevrolet Alternators

Corvette,Chevrolet Alternators: 1963 through 1975 alternators by part number. These are used original alternators with and without fans/pulleys. We stock 1969 and 1970 Corvette alternator rear cases.

Chevrolet Aluminum Point Type Distributors

Chevrolet Aluminum Point Type Distributors: 1966 through 1974 Distributors in used condition. The typical distributor has a shaft that turns. They need to be rebuilt.

Pontiac Aluminum Point Type Distributors

Pontiac Aluminum Point Type Distributors: 1970 through 1974 production units sold by part number. Each distributor needs to be rebuilt.

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