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We at Specialized Investments have been providing Original Equipment Carburetors to the automotive repair industry and auto enthusiasts since 1979. Our goal is to provide either used carburetor cores in good condition or professionally rebuilt carbs by original part number or style. We look forward to providing individual service to our customers. We also urge you to contact us any time.

Carburetors Offered

A. Used Carburetor Cores

All carburetors listed in this catalog are currently in the form of used cores that need to be professionally rebuilt. It is NOT simply a matter of installing a rebuild kit. These carburetors are sold as used cores on an "As Is" basis. Be aware that cores may need the following procedures:

1. Bush throttle shafts

2. Helicoil fuel inlet threads

3. Replace fuel bowls (Holleys)

4. Internal calibration parts may not be original.

B. Rebuilt Carburetors

Carbs are professionally rebuilt using original equipment cores and tested individually. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Each rebuilt carburetor comes with a full warranty and base gaskets. A typical rebuilt carburetor does not include idle solenoid, brackets, mounting bolts, air cleaner stud, or heat baffle plates.

Some California emissions carburetors have different O.E.M. part numbers than 48 state applications listed in this catalog. We provide carburetors to meet Emission Compiance in all 50 states.


The availability of the carburetors listed in this catalog are subject to prior sale. We have sources for difficult to find antique and collector car carburetors. We do not offer any imported car carburetors.


Rebuilt carburetors are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect (workmanship/materials) for 90 days or 3,000 miles, which ever occurs first. We limit our guarantee solely to repair or replace any unit found defective. We are not responsible for any loss above and beyond the cost of the carburetor. We are not responsible for any damage to the automobile as a result of the carburetor, its installation or by impurities found in the fuel system. We are not responsible for installation costs, shipping costs or delays. Dirt, iron oxides, scale and impurities such as water from condensation will cause intermittent flooding and poor carburetor performance. The customer must detect and correct this condition before installing a rebuilt carburetor. Warranty is void if it is determined that contaminates caused the carburetor to fail. Warranty is void if carburetor has been opened, parts removed or exchanged, or tampered with.


Our business/fax telephone number is (830) 560-1205. Regular business hours are 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Payment may be Visa, MasterCard, C.O.D. or prepaid. Personal checks must clear before shipment is made. Company checks welcome. All sales made to Texas customers are subject to 6.75% (or current) state sales tax unless a Texas Sales Tax permit number is provided.


All statements and recommendations contained in this catalog are based on information we believe to be reliable, but the accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. Not all automobile applications are listed in this catalog. This catalog represents carbs we have currently available. However, if your application is not listed, we invite you to call and inquire, as inventories change daily.

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